Types Of Laser Hair Removal Treatments:Which Ones are right for you -

How can you discover the very best types of laser hair removal machine? Candela, YAG, LightSheer, Soprano–all these are only a couple of the sorts of laser hair-removal lasers that you could encounter in your typical med spa site. Firms like to name-drop the kind of technologies that they use but are not always so quick to describe exactly what makes one laser distinct from the other. This is part of the reason it can be difficult to comprehend what the very best laser hair-removal apparatus is for your skin and hair type. Read More Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

The listing of types of laser hair removal is by no means exhaustive, but it might help you make a more educated choice.


Finest for darkened skin
How it functions: One metric to get a laser steps its own melanin absorption or the pace at which the laser’s heat and light are consumed by melanin, the pigment from the epidermis and hair. What also makes it easier to dark skin would be its long wavelengths, which may reach beyond the melanin in the skin to the melanin in your hair follicles. But as the laser hunts out more focused melanin, it isn’t really effective on white or fine hair.

Experts: According to the Nd: YAG’s more wavelengths make it simpler for darkened skin; they also give it the maximum potential to ruin hair in the papilla, the bulbous structure at the bottom of the hair follicle.

Disadvantages: Due to its low saliva absorption, more treatments are necessary for optimum outcomes. Remedies with these lasers may also be painful and less successful on delicate hair.

Alexandre LASER

Finest for olive skin
How it functions: This laser hair-removal machine features a slightly longer wavelength than some of its rivals (although not so long as the Nd: YAG), making it usable on a vast assortment of skin tones, such as olive skin.

Experts: Probably the Alexandrite’s main advantage is an elevated spot size and repeat rate, so it can deal with a larger area of skin, quicker. This makes it one of the fastest methods out there.

Disadvantages: Despite its long term, it has high melanin absorption, therefore there’s an important danger of burns and discolouration all but very mild skin.


Finest for honest to medium-dark epidermis
How it functions: The Diode, among the most recent and most widely used form of laser hair-removal machines now, was created for reasonable to medium-dark skin types.

Experts: The Diode emits both longer and shorter wavelengths, therefore it boasts great melanin absorption and penetrates deep into the hair follicles. The more wavelengths also reduce the chance of skin damage.

Disadvantages: Darker-skinned patients normally require additional treatments. Additionally, it is still a relatively new technology, and there’s not yet a proper number of information to estimate its long-term outcomes.


Finest for very fair skin
How it functions: Since the earliest form of hair-removal laser, the Ruby has a greater melanin absorption rate compared to most other lasers on the current market, which makes it most suitable for very light skin and light hair removal.

Experts: Powerful, even on really fine hair.

Disadvantages: Due to this large melanin absorption, it’s more likely to leave skin bloat. Because of this, it should just be employed on the skin that is very fair. all are very important

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