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Not everyone wants to stick with the same haircut his whole life, and if you’re looking to change things up, you may want to consider the taper haircut style. This cut leaves longer strands of hair on top while tapering the length towards the neck, creating a look that’s clean, modern, and easy to maintain.

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he latest taper haircut style is a favorite of men and women alike. This hairstyle incorporates the traditional taper haircut with a modern twist to create a hairstyle that stands out in a crowd. The taper haircut starts just below the neck, gradually getting shorter as it works its way up toward the crown of the head.

A tapered haircut can be styled straight or with curls for men and styled in long waves for women. There are many variations on the taper haircut; however, all of them include shortening the sides and back while leaving some length on top. The best time to get a taper haircut is when you need your hair trimmed regularly because this will help avoid those awkward in-between lengths which can look choppy. If you want your latest taper haircut to last longer, avoid washing your hair too often because over-washing will break down your natural oils which will lead to dryness and breakage. Be sure to keep your hair moisturized by using an oil-based leave-in conditioner like olive oil and/or castor oil after every wash.

You should also make sure that you use an anti-frizz serum before styling your latest taper haircut. To protect against damage from heat styling tools, try not to use too high of a temperature setting when blow drying or flat ironing. Avoid tight braids and ponytails that put unnecessary tension on the hair, or have been known to pull out strands at the root. It’s important to take care of your latest taper haircut so that you don’t have any regrets later! If you’re considering taking the plunge and getting this type of cut, there are plenty of styles from which to choose — let’s take a look at five of the most popular ones!

1) Disconnected Undercut

The disconnected undercut hairstyle is a popular taper haircut style for men. The hair on the top of your head is cut to a medium length, while the back and sides are cut to a short length. This is one of the most popular tapers because it’s easy to maintain, versatile and can be styled in many different ways. What makes it so popular? It’s low maintenance, meaning you don’t need to do much styling besides brushing it out with your hands.

The versatility comes in how you can style it – parted down the middle or off to the side. Plus, there are plenty of taper haircut styles for men that use this type of cut as well! What’s Your Style: Textured Afro: The textured afro taper haircut style is also very popular among young men. It’s perfect for curly or wavy hair types, but straight-haired guys can rock it too! When getting this cut, the back and sides are shaved down close to your scalp (think skin fade), while the top of your head is left long enough so that when you part it, it creates some beautiful texture. There are no hard lines from the skin fading all around your head; instead you get some soft waves at the front and bangs just over one eye.

2) Classic Side Part + Low Fade

What is the best tapered haircut style? The Low Fade Tapered haircut style is a haircut style perfect for all types of hair! To get the classic side part haircut, you’ll need a relatively short haircut with lots of volume. The longer your hair on top, the longer the taper. A common taper haircut would be to cut a couple inches off the top of the head and less than that on the back half of the hair. These hairstyles work best when you want a bold, yet natural finish that seems as though it was just done in a few minutes. Unlike styles where hair length is identical, these styles allow you to control how quickly your hair will grow out. Men with a broad spectrum of different hair textures and face shapes should find the taper haircut attractive. A taper’s potential can range from sophisticated to aggressive depending on the stylist’s precision.

The high fade combined with a short mohawk makes up what many consider to be one of the best styles available. With only some length left on top and enough left at the back of your head to slick into a tight ponytail,

this edgy hairstyle gives off a major attitude while still being office appropriate! It suits those who need their hair to be rugged but not wild and messy. Some extra styling products may need to be used when styling, so make sure you prep accordingly before stepping out the door. Your coworkers will probably love it too, which means they might come running every time they see you approaching them with your comb in hand

!So don’t waste another minute worrying about which taper haircut style is right for you – we’ve compiled five easy options below. Get ready to slay at work!

3) High & Tight + Mid Fade

The High & Tight + Mid Fade is a popular taper haircut style for men. The style features medium length hair on top and short hair on the back and sides that can be either tapered or faded. The finished look is clean, professional, and stylish. -The Top Knot: Another great taper haircut style for men is the Top Knot. The high volume pompadour on top complements this hairstyle well, while the shaved undercut completes it with authority. -Side Part Pompadour: If you’re looking for a classic cut with modern appeal, consider the Side Part Pompadour. The side part combed over neatly into the longer locks of hair on top makes this a refreshingly updated take on the classic. What are your thoughts about these taper haircut styles for men

4) Buzz Cut + High Fade

Men’s buzz cuts are easy to do, low maintenance, and look great with or without product. It is a classic style that requires no maintenance and is perfect for busy men who don’t have time to get their hair cut regularly. High fades (or bald fades) are popular variations of this style. This haircut style shows off your natural hairline while keeping some length on top. The only downside is that you’ll need to shave around your ears every two weeks,.which is more upkeep than other haircut styles.

Undercuts are popular variants of the high taper haircut since only the back portion is shaved. so the hair keeps its thickness and shape better than if it were shaved all the way down. Alternatively, an undercut may be paired with any other haircut, such as a crewcut or fade.

5) Ultra-Skinny Taper Cut + Low Fade

The ultra-skinny taper haircut is a low-maintenance, no-fuss style that features long hair on the top with a sharp drop to the shortest length at the back of the neck. This cut is perfect for those looking for an easy style that is suitable for any occasion. The low fade and short sides are designed to work with longer hair on top and can be styled in many ways, from messy waves to a full mohawk.


It can be done on both short and long hair, and you can choose from a variety of lengths. It’s an easy haircut to style and versatile enough for anyone without a lot of time to fuss with their hair in the morning. You just need to choose one that suits your face shape. In order to help you choose the right taper haircut style for you, we’ve listed five of our favorite taper haircut styles below. Each haircut has its own benefits and styling tips, so read each description carefully before deciding which haircut might be most suitable for you. The perfect haircut will depend largely on your personal taste, as well as the effect you’re trying to accomplish.