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social media marketing  is used for different marketing strategies . if you want to hit different people yor your target audience. you must need to know about social media marketing strategies. without strategy we cannot hit our target audience Getting the most out of social media sites for traffic benefits and increase sales can be daunting and time-consuming. Each site works differently to the next and has different features. however, the underlying idea is the same social media marketing strategy to be social! It is imperative that you become known and not just part of the crowd. If you shine above the rest then you will likely become more noticeable and people will take more of an interest in you and what you’re doing. Earthquake today was in Pakistan, India and Turkey 2019

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Here’s a quick checklist of things to keep in mind while losing yourself in the world of social media. It’s easy to go off track and get distracted from your main purpose of promoting yourself, but follow these rules and it will help you keep focused on the task at of marketing

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  • Behave yourself! Most things you do are monitored and can sometimes lead to sometimes permanent infractions; Be social (but you don’t have to dance!)
  • Make sure you say interesting things. People don’t want to get bored. Sell them your ideas and products and even be controversial!
  • Keep discussions lively – this will help others notice you and increase the chance of adding you as a friend, checking your profile, website or product.

Comment on feedback

  • whether it is positive or negative, remember they are entitled to their own opinion!
  • Always update your profile or add more if things change in your life;
  • Ensure you have chosen a good username. It can be related to your niche or product or just your name, but poor usernames are a no-no;
  • Add your RSS feed from your blog or site to automate posts to your social accounts like Twitter and Facebook;
  • Customize your profile pages, information pages, and any other pages you can. If you want to look as unique as possible and this will make your profile look much more interesting than using the same stock images/designs that hundreds of thousands of other users also use;
  • Don’t join every social site under the sun. For socializing, it’s best to stick with a handful at most social sites to become a serious part of the community. By joining too many you will spread yourself too thinly and not get the most from your efforts. In this case, it is quality over quantity. Of course, you can use a service like Hello to automate comments to more than one site and that will save you a lot of time;
  • Ensure you have up-to-date information on your pages. This is not just your name and age, but your company images, logo’s, portfolio and any other relevant info;
  • Link your blog or site to your social sites so people can find you more easily;
  • Always reply to your emails and comments and look for other people in similar niches to follow and interact with; Remember – just be social!