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Melinda Gates Biography: It is an American philanthropist and co-chairperson of the Bill & Melinda foundation.So, Do you know When Melinda Gates was born?.

first of all,Melinda Gates was born on August 15th, 1964 in Dallas, Texas. It was a former General Manager in Microsoft. Later, the decision to marry her boss Bill Gates. She was also, the co-founder of Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation.

In 2006 the left the organization. because, It has a lot of help in the field of Education and health. they spend $560 million toward awareness for poor women in Low Countries.

Melinda Gates Biography About History

Melinda Gates was born on August 15th, 1964 in Dallas, Texas. She also has American nationality. She has three siblings like one elder brother and two young sisters.

the topper in her school whose name was St. Monica Catholic School. she was introduced by Apple II for her father’s Recommendation. because the computer was the main subject of Melinda. She liked this subject. So, the completed her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with Duke University in 1986.

similarly, She did a master’s in business administration (MBA) With a major in economics from Duke University in 1987. consequently,because, Melinda’s first job was tutoring math and computer science.

Melinda Gates Biography About Job in Microsoft

After Graduation Melinda decide to join Microsoft as a Marketing Manager.because, Where the company provides responsibilities to manage or lead company multimedia products.

The products name was

  • Cinemania
  • Encarta Publisher
  • Microsoft Bob
  • Money and Word

the had left Microsoft and then joined Expedia which is one of the biggest traveling websites. If you want to know other personalities than click here.

Melinda Gates Biography About Personal Life

When Melinda joined her job in Microsoft where the meet Bill Gates the owner of Microsoft Company. Once upon a time when there dating in New York.

The couple dated six years and in 1994 Melinda decided to marry Bill Gates in a private ceremony .which was held in Lanai, due to, for the reason that Hawaii. The couple has three children whose name was Son John Gates.

He was born in 2002.the other daughter Jennifer Katharine Gates. She was born in 1996 and the last one daughter whose name was phoebe Adele Gates. She was born in 2002. The family was live in Lake Washington near Seattle.

Philanthropy occupation

In 1194, Melinda and Bill gates both with Bill’s father decided to open the foundation. whose name was William H, Gates Foundation. In 1999.both decided to merge with the other two charitable organizations. whose name was Gates Library Foundation and Gates Learning Foundation.

They decided to change the name of the foundation. and the new name was Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The foundation’s early goal was to set Microsoft Products and computers in libraries all around the United States.

After some years Melinda Gates wants to extend the vision of the organization. the decision to work worldwide

improvements in education. they also try to reduce global poverty and health issues.

In 2006, a wealthy investor warren Buffet provides a landmark donation of 30$billion to the foundation. warren Buffet was a great friend of Bill Gates.

Melinda Gates then divided the organization into three parts

  • Worldwide Health
  • Global Development
  • Us Community And Education

One of the main goal global health objectives create prevention strategies such as vaccine and treatment of

  • Malaria
  • Tuberculosis

After that in 2011, the foundation shows his mission officially which was “improving equity in four areas

  • Global Health
  • Education
  • Access to digital information via public Libraries
  • Support for at-risk families

2012 Melinda Social Activities

In 2012 Melinda spends $560 million for improvement of women’s technical skills in third world countries. After that Bill and Melinda Gates remains were changing the structure of education in the united states of America.

The main purpose of this Organization to provide help students to fund .their studies through the Gates Millennium Scholars Program. The foundation created a Facebook page which he wrote that “Bill and I believe that education is the great Equalizer”

Melinda and Bill Gates has created policies that mean the benefits of employees. They decided the employee of their foundation would receive leave after the birth.the adoption of the child. Due to this the president of Barack Obama provides the award to their philanthropic work and the award name was presidential Medal of Freedom.

In 2018 the couple decided to ask 10 toughest questions they face regarding their work .they decided to ask the question to the President Donald Trump’s policies. The said It was very important to maintain a strong relationship with the administration and they suggested that trump would set a good example as a role model.

Technology for Women

the introduced women in Microsoft Technology. the remove from the favoritism culture. The said that every company needs technology so, we will graduate some women in the field of technology because we want to change it.

Do you know how much is Melinda Gates Net Worth in 2019?

it  is an American businesswoman and she has $70 billion net worth.

Do you Know Why Melinda Was Famous?

Because people know her philanthropic work. she was also co-founder of Microsoft company. She did a lot of charity work. It works on improvement in health and education.

 Melinda Gates Biography About Awards

  • 2002, the 1st award which was received by Melinda and Bill Gates the name was the greatest Public service benefiting the disadvantages.
  •  2005 the 2nd award was given to Bill Gates and Melinda which name was persons of the years.
  • 2006, the 3rd award was Asturias Award for International cooperation which was received by Bill Gates and Melinda Gates
  •  November 2006, the 4th award was awarded
  •  October 2006, Insignia of the Order of the Aztec Eagle was given by award to the Melinda together with Bill Gates. Because both are providing philanthropic work in the areas of health and education all around the world.
  • Glamour Award of the Advocate 2013
  • Presidential Medal of Freedom 2016
  • Bambi Millennium Award 2013
  • Padma Bhusan 2015

Book Name of Melinda Gates

Melinda Gates wrote a book which was introduced in 2019 and seems like, the book name was The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World


finally,she is a Social Activist. the complete a lot of projects and for the betterment of society. She is running a foundation whose main purpose is to reduce poverty. Economic growth and Health Issues.

hence,She has achieved a lot of success in her life. Their main aim provides the poor with access to financial Tool. Teach the former how to increase Production Sustainably. seems like, The primary goal is to increase students in college because of education cans everything.