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I’ve struggle to write a post for some while, now. But it’s not because I’m out of’s simply because I can’t keep up. The fashion schedule is as busy as it’s ever been starting the year with menswear. The couture and then fall collections and then before you know it, there are the inter-seasonal collections follow by spring collections and the cycle then repeats itself.

I took some time out from writing about to really reflect. What I wanted to make this blog into as well as reflect on the fashion year which had just pass. Generally speaking, a year is a long time but from what I discover, during this time is that a year in fashion is chaotic exhausting and most of all shortly. There’s no time for celebration any more. Every season, after months and months of preparation a 15 or so minute fashion takes place and then it’s onto the next season information.

The experience of fashion has been cheap as we are present with ‘yeah, that’s ok’ instead of ‘the next truly great thing.

Fashion is cherished

Fashion is cherished because it’s always reinventing itself. Sprawl across the glossy magazines you find at the checkouts of supermarkets is what is stereotyped. Summarized into; the 568 must-haves for summer. But really, who needs 568 new things for a season?. This constant need of something new and reinvigorating has become a disease.Latest Men T-shirts Style and their types 2020

A disease creates by us

It’s not view as a want but, a need, a sense of entitlement to something brand new and unexpected. Yet as fashion progresses forward with every season. What happens to last season? We don’t really think about last season any more. I mean we really don’t even have time. Because of the immensely chaotic fashion schedule. We cherish those truly iconic moments in the past and that’s about it. Because, really, who cares about what Murcia did last season right?

It’s quite saddening to see fashion lovers and enthusiasts forget what someone did last season. because they’ve just presented a whole new collection. Even the term “last season” has become laced with negative notes of dismissal and denigration.

Last season collections are simply disregarded with absolutely no respect because you must simply stay.“in” fashion darling. This happens too often as countless brilliant “last season” collections fall victim to this disease .of needing the new. Although we fashion connoisseurs aren’t just to blame, the media refuses to report on designers past achievements, only the present.

Some may argue that this really shouldn’t be a problem in fashion is obsessively moving forward. But what happens to the future if we don’t acknowledge the past? While a large part of this concerns collection even sadder great designers of the past and their work are short-live. What remains are coffee-table fashion books publish by Schenectady or Haiphong praising their legacy and work through a few hundred photo-fill  pages and a short essay on the subject. Even now, Christian Delacroix just seems like a forgotten memory.There is no respect for true fashion or true genius, but instead the amount of collections production the amount of progression brought to the table by a designer. Fashion wants to constantly move forward no matter the cost.

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