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From a long time, henna (mehndi) has been in fact practice in East. It is an impermanent, mostly floral type of embellishment on the skin. The eye-catching yet latest and simple Mehndi designs can simply attract most of the ladies and mostly girls. Simple but attractive mehndi designs can take hold of the girl’s attention so quickly. Mehndi is considered a central part of cosmetics and the utmost significant sacred exercise in Countrywide and Traditional events. Mehndi is the accustomed expertise of mehndi portrait in the headland.

Interpolating the latest and simple Mehndi designs is highly trending at weddings in Pakistan and India along with many regions of South Asia. Today’s women are highly conscious and eager for interpolating mehndi designs regardless of their age on auspicious occasions. However, mehndi designs for brides are enormously popular because of their grace, enhanced color, and attractive designing patterns. Simple designs of mehndi are typically seemed to look like roseate brown parades when a few drops of water are added to it.

Derivation of Mehndi Designs:

The practice of interpolating different mehndi designs was introduced by Moguls as their women prone to embellished beautiful designs on a regular basis as it is considered a sign of beauty by them. At that time, there were faithful artists who accustomed to making patterns for empresses and sovereigns. Progressively, it turns out to be a prominent trend of the Indian nation. Nowadays, there are several patterns based on state-owned tradition and every day changing tradition too.

Simple Mehndi Designs:

Designs of mehndi that can be applied easily by the artist are known as Simple Mehndi Designs. Simple Mehdi designs are a type of Pattern that is not problematic and can be applied very easily. Simple mehndi designs can’t be considered as on the light side yet these designs don’t need excessive convoluted effort. Such designs are suitable for events like Eid While on events like weddings, mostly highly intricate patterns are liked by girls. Below, are given some example of Simple Mehndi design:

Latest and Simple Mehndi Designs

Three-Part Casual Pattern:

Three-part mehndi design is an eye-catching and graceful light mehndi pattern on the hand completed in three portions. This design includes no specific style to be put on. In its place, the palm is divided into three portions to be occupied with complicated, delegating, and further defined with an even leaf border on the divided three portions. This type of style is appropriate for events in the family. These designs look better with cultural dresses.

Latest and Simple Mehndi Designs

Mughlai informal Mehndi Pattern:

 This type of mehndi design is highly refined however innovative simple mehndi design that might seem challenging nonetheless is impartially informal to interpolate. To do this, you need to know how to hold a cone comprising mehndi that possibly will need a bit of hard work flawlessly. This simple mehndi design is appropriate for family-based events and looks wonderful with cultural dress and jewellery.

Chic Ring Pattern:

 This type of causal design mostly wins the hearts of girls of young age. It is that much simpler that a learner should certainly run through this pattern. Ring style pattern has pixeylights like design that seems so artistic and attractive simultaneously amazing floral patterns enhances its fine details. This design gives a glimpse of decorative jewelry to be worn on hand. On the other a light mehndi to be put on the hand to maintain the elegance of the design. This mehndi design is appropriate for college, school parties and can go with western dressing too.

Two Motif Simple Patterns:

This is the most striking and attractive pattern of mehndi. The simplicity of this design is in the patterns of motifs. Floral and peacock motifs patterns around fingertips are continuously drawn till the back of the hand, in this way an outstanding dispersal band from wrist to the index finger is formed. This type of design is appropriate for small home gatherings and cabs to be applied on foot too. Western clothes can go best with these motif designs.

Turkish Casual Design:

These mehndi designs comprise almost all of the mehndi designs that are significant for many traditional occasions. Also, it helps a lot to beginners to become highly skilled after continuously practicing these designs. Mainly, it is a mixture of Turkish checks accompanied by Arabic inspired motifs that lead to an end with a red, thus making it unique in this way. Such types of designs is mostly applied in wedding events and in domestic gatherings. Also, this can be applied at the back of the hand.

Cultural Floral Pattern:

It is quick, simple, cultural and easy to apply, preferably interpolated at the back of the hand. A large flower is designed at the back of the hand which is further proceeded by small clearly defined patterns that can further be made shaded. On the other hand, fingers are embellished with light mehndi patterns to maintain the grace of the overall design. These designs are mostly put on carnivals that go best with cultural dresses.

Latest and Simple Mehndi Designs

Circular Patterns for Mehndi:

These types of Mehndi designs are perfectly suited for working girls. These circular patterns are just applied to fingers in the form of rounded motifs. This casual yet up-to-date mehndi design will definitely make you a girl with chic appearance. Even these patterns go superb with modern dressing too.

Latest and Simple Mehndi Designs

Simple lotus Pattern:

Besides all the other commonly drawn floral patterns lotus flower gives a unique look, and it is easy to make. Further, shading this lotus flower gives the design a more cultural look. Lotus flowers can be made with other floral patterns to enhance the traditional look. It is usually applied in carnivals and family gatherings.

Easy glitter Pattern:

An ordinary mehndi design can be made more attractive and eye-catching by applying temporary glittering glue along with mehndi. This type of mehndi is in trends too. However, it should be applied in a specific way because more glitters can ruin the neatness of mehndi. It can only be applied at the back of the hand.

Latest and Simple Mehndi Designs

Light Wedding Mehndi:

A complete cultural bridal look can be made by designing round circular floral patterns in the middle of the palm while fingers are partially fill casual mehndi with small flowers with cuts in them. This type of design is also suitable for parties and carnivals and can also be applied on feet. Traditional suits go outstanding with it.

Latest and Simple Mehndi Designs


Nowadays westerns countries are also adopting the trend of applying mehndi on different events. Thus started from Mughals this traditional and eye-appealing fashion of applying mehndi continued from the sub-continent to western countries.

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