How to monetize your Facebook page - Information

the action or process of earning revenue from an asset or business is known as monetisation. How to monetize your Facebook page The monetisation of the Facebook page is round about the same, but the criteria of Youtube and Facebook are quietly different from each other. The process of being eligible to monetise a Facebook page is lengthy. The Facebook page must take one to 1.5 years to meet eligibility criteria. And after meeting the requirements of eligibility then, another process starts, which is called a process of monetisation. Let’s discuss the process and criteria which should fulfil the requirements. people are using Facebook for hair business promotion

Eligibility Criteria to monetise Facebook page

The creator should meet all the requirements to monetise the Facebook page

Monetisation tools

Learn more about how you can earn money as a creator or publisher on Facebook. So you can use these ways for the monetisation of your Facebook page.

Using these tools, you can get monetisation from the Facebook server team.

In-stream ads for on-demand

  • You should have 10k followers for the Facebook page to monetise them
  • You should have a minimum of 600,000 total eligible minutes viewed in the last 60 days
  • You should have a minimum of the previous five active videos on your page
  • Content should be suitable and should be entirely original
  • If you have any copied content, Facebook will not monetise your page. Because you violated the Facebook page terms and conditions and the page’s policy.

The primary and essential criteria for monetising the Facebook page are listed above.  If so creator meets these criteria, he should apply for the monetisation of the page.

We can now move on to the application process, establishing the criteria.

Monetisation process

Once a creator meets all the page monetisation requirements, he gets an option of “ set up monetisation.” This option appears when you meet all criteria of Facebook. When you click the option of setting up monetisation, you get this type of page in front of you. You got monetisation tools application in written form and other important best matches about Facebook page.

Apply now

You got another option of “ Apply now”  for the monetisation, and after clicking on them, you will get a form in front of you on the next page where you should fulfil all the recommendation requirements.

After clicking on apply now, you should fill out the monetisation form. However, note that you will only receive a payout once all criteria are met. Your page setting must be complete.

Payment methods

When you want to monetise your page, you should first verify or add the payment method on your Facebook account, which allows your country to receive direct payment in your account.

In the payment method, you should provide all requirements which the Facebook page needs from you.

I have asked for everything to be put in the taxation form in the picture.

There are round about fives steps that are equity essential to fill and approved monetise your Facebook.


Set up a payout account. Here you should enter your business information essential for the monetisation Facebook page. All data are given below in the picture.

Step #2

After including this information, you should write the date of the bath in the second step and other important information which he requires.

Step #3

Add your payment method to get paid

  • Manually you should include
  •  your country
  • Account holder name
  • IBAN or account number

Step  #4

Here you should fill out a form called W_8BEN, Tax Form. You should fill out this form and upload it again.

Step #5

Here you have set all information and click down.

Adsence approval

After filling out the monetisation form, you should also apply for the short AdSense approval on your Facebook page videos. There are many different ways to earn money on Facebook monetisation and other ads. You will direct payment into your account when they grant permission on the page.

After reading this article, you will quickly understand and be able to monetise your Facebook page yourself and know How to monetize your Facebook page.