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The history of imran khan was born on 25 November 1955 in Lahore, Pakistan.  He was one of the captains who won the cricket world cup in 1992. First, after winning the world cup, enter and into politics. Imran Khan is a famous politician, philanthropist, and current Prime Minister of Pakistan 2018.

Do you know total numbers is Imran Khan Wife?

Similarly,There are three wives of Imran Khan

First Wife Jamima Gold Smith in 1995-2004

history of imran khan


Reham Khan 2014-2015

history of imran khan



Bushra Maneka 2018


history of pakistan


Do you know how much rich is Imran khan?

He has three children and perhaps his most net worthy is 1.4billion and salary in 1.68 million

Imran Khan History

A leader created in a century. Imran Khan was born into a prosperous family in Lahore which  belongs to the Mianwali, Pakistan. His father’s name was Ikram Ullah Khan Niazi and his mother’s name was shaukat khanam. Basic education was taken from elite schools in Pakistan and the UK, the famous school whose name was Royal Grammar School Worcester and Aitcheson College which was in Lahore, Pakistan. Imran Khan was the one who started cricket at the age of 13. There were many famous cricketers that belonged to his family which includes Javed  Khan. Both were an elder cousin of Imran khan and also the captain of Pakistan.

Do you know what age Imran Khan  was in Start cricket?

Pakistan. Imran Khan was the one who started cricket at the age of 13. He also made a debut in the Pakistan cricket team at the age of 18, while studying philosophy, politics, and economics at the University of the United Kingdom. So,Imran khan was playing his first match Pakistan cricket team in 1971. Imran khan did not the permanent player for the team during his graduation of oxford universities In 1976. In 1980 khan join a team as a captain. In 1982 he was the captain of the Pakistan cricket team.

Imran khan’s personality very decent also very talented and he was a celebrity in Pakistan. for the reason that  In the 1980s khan had proved himself to be a professional and very aggressive all-rounder. He was a very aggressive captain  Pakistan cricket team in 1982. He was continuously captain of the Pakistan cricket team from 1982 to1992. If you want to know other personalities then click here.

Do you know who won the world cup 1992? Imran Khan was the one who won the World Cup in 1992. The Pakistan cricket team defeated England in the World Cup final. He was the one who won that World Cup in Pakistan. After the world cup, he retired from the cricket team. He was one of the most successful players in Pakistan. So , Imran khan’s highest score was 102 not out. His best bowling on Odis was 6 wickets on 14 runs

Imran Khan Biography About Cricket Records Career


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After retired from the cricket in 1992 Imran khan has faced an issue of tempering from his youth.  In 2000, he became of Pakistan first-class cricket

Imran Khan Biography Cancer Hospital &Namalcollege

Mother of Imran khan was died due to the reason for cancer. In memory of the mother, Imran khan has start and a fundraising campaign for opening a cancer hospital in Pakistan. In 1994, Imran khan was raised $25 million to open a cancer hospital in Lahore. He also makes the second hospital in Peshawar. So, the name of this hospital was Shaukat Khanum hospital.

Do you know which university was Imran khan chancellor?

He was chancellor of Bradford between 2005 -2014. Imran khan also the founder of namal college and namal university. This was established in mianwali and  in 2008. The college was an associate with the University of Bradford Uk.


  • Special Representative of Sports at UNICEF
  • He has promoted a health program in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc
  • He has also work on famous a cricket charity Lord’Taverner
  • The other purpose of Imran khan’s foundation was to help needy people. because They were providing food in flood sufferer areas in Pakistan

Entrance into politics

Many political parties offered Imran khan to join the party while Imran khan was playing cricket career. Zia ul-Haq also prefer.So, Imran khan to join Pakistan Muslim League.

He refused to join ziaulhaq party. So, due to reason, after that Nawaz Sharif also invited Imran Khan to join his party but khan was not interested to join the Nawaz Sharif party.

In 1996imran khan was founded his own party and the party’s name was Pakistan tehreek-e-insaf (pti). In 1996 national elections were held, and he was candidate of two constituencies Lahore and MianWali. Khan has botch both the seats and fail to get any seats in the national Assembly.

Imran khan was big supporter of Pervaiz Musharraf. He knows that he will reduce the corruption in Pakistan

But in 2002 imran khan was won one seat of the national assembly. He was elected in mianwali. Imran khan also served as part of Azad committee and public accounts.

October 2007 khan and other 85 Mpa’s resign from national assembly

for the protest of the presidential system. After that police was arrested by khan due to the reason of emergency in Pakistan .tehreek e insaf was condemly

In 2011 khan was started “sunami” against the political parties which was held on Lahore. He gathered almost one lac people in his addresses.

He also arranged a big gathering in Karachi where almost hundred thousand people were there. It was a big threat for political parties because Pakistan tahreek –e-insaaf was the most popular party in Pakistan according to international institutions. Maybe it was famous at both national and provincial levels.  2012 khan has joined a protest from Islamabad to wazir-e-staan against the drone missile of America. He also started a uniform education system which means the poor and rich get an equal education.

On 23 march Imran khan was started his election campaign for the resolution of “NAYA PAKISTAN”. Imran Khan and his party were the big opposite party of Muslim league Non between 2011 and 2013. Before the election, both parties had criticized each other. 2013 elections were held on 11 May 2013 all over the country and this election was won by Muslim league noon with high authority.

But the khan party showed as the 2nd largest party in a country. They won a lot of seats in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as well as in Punjab. Tehreek _e_insaaf was an opposition party of Muslim league noon. After the election, Imran khan was decide to take a strike in contrast to Islamabad and he started the movement to resign prime minister for his position. The strike lasted more than 100 days. In the 2018 election tehreek _e_ insaf become first largest party in the country.

Prime Minister of Pakistan

After won the election Imran khan has become prime minister of Pakistan. After becoming prime minister they decided to reduce poverty and debt of Pakistan.


history of imran khan rewards

  • Peace Award
  • Oxford university Hall of Fame
  • Humanitarian Award
  • Honorary fellowship award
  • World Cup Awards


All above,

history of imran khan  is a motivational speaker as well as a current prime minister in Pakistan. He also portrays himself as a Muslim leader in the world after a high-level speech at the Islamic council. India has lockdown in Kashmir for more than 60 days.  He is a big ambassador to Kashmir.

Nowadays Pakistan Democratic movement is trying to resign Imran khan as prime minister. they have a started a big movement. imran khan wish to caught political people who have transferred money from Pakistan to USA nowadays khawaja asif caught up by nab due to reason of  money laundering. imran khan said this year will grow year in Pakistan

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