Earthquake today was in Pakistan, India and Turkey 2019 - Information

Earthquake today was very horrible, which means destroying road in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. You can see in an image where all the cars will overturn.

Earthquake today

Do you know how many people were injured and the death Earthquake today? There are more than 300 people were wounded on this Earthquake today, and almost nineteen people were dying for this dangerous Earthquake today. The earthquake target was Mirpur Khas city of Azad Kashmir.  The foreshock, people felt tremors in some of the areas of India and Pakistan like Islamabad and Delhi.

When people felt tremors, they were left their Homes, Offices, and run to the street. Some children have died for this incident. Pakistan Army Military was providing free medicine as well as foods for this Incident Areas. The emergency rescue also there to offer the first aid for those people who injured on this Earthquake. The earthquake has destroyed hit areas where the emergency helicopter will be used to provide necessary facilities according to some resources.

Earthquake today

One of the residents said when I was sitting home then suddenly Earthquake come then I run to left my home. My home destroyed. He said By The Almighty God Saved my Family and me, but my house was Destroyed.

Do you know what was it the Richter scale in Mir Pur Kashmir Earthquake today?

The magnitude of dangerous earthquakes was 5.8 Richter Scale. It was very horrible. Mr. Riaz Chief Meteorologist said that the depth of the earthquake was more than 10 km in the earth. He told the AFP news agency.

Earthquake today was in Pakistan, India and Turkey 2019

The Chief of the army said. We have dispatched “aviation and medicine” from these areas. Pakistan army plays a vital role to help those people who had faced earth quack issues. The quack was also felt in the Northwest of Punjab

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran khan and president Arif Alvi said they would help those people who have suffered these quacks. They also said severely condemned in words. Latest and Simple Mehndi Designs For Girls

Do you know what was it the Richter scale in Istanbul?

In Istanbul, there also felt in Earthquake. The Richter scale was 5.8 magnitude, according to the chief meteorologist of turkey. Most of the buildings destroyed by this dangerous earthquake.

The public was in their offices and their homes when they felt these quacks. Eight people were injured by this Earthquake today and provided them treatment, according to the president of Tayyab Erdogan. There was no death there according to the health minister of turkey. In central Istanbul, people felt 15 seconds of the Earthquake. The district of Istanbul which name is “Acicular” where hit a minaret of Masjid.

Causes of Earthquake today?

  • The Earth Quack caused the movement of tectonic plates. Some 80 percent were found near the Pacific Ocean. Some plates occur on the top layer of the ocean. When these plates are moving from one place to another , then a quake comes on the top layer of the sea. When these plates are moving from one place to another site, then Earthquake come
  • The leading cause is to unexpectedly slip on a fault. The plate, whose name is tectonic plates, is for eternity slowly moving, but due to the friction, they stuck in their places.

How to secure when Earthquake today comes?

There is no time of Earth quack. It can happen anytime without seeing anything. You need to prepare every time to protect yourself, your home, and your family in the event of an Earthquake.

Now I will tell you different ways to secure yourself and your family

  • First, leave your room as soon as possible and go to the courtyard of the house. Is it possible to try to save your essential things like furniture, Tv, etc
  • Second to safe or store breakable items which are foods, china, and glass, etc
  • Try to stay away from dangerous areas like buildings, Tarpon, etc
  • Avoid to yourself in chemical areas which have a disaster when Earthquake has come
  • Try to wear as soon as possible long shirts, stout shoes, and Long pants to protect yourself against damage things those effects on your body.
  • While driving, you need to careful when Earthquake has come. You need to stop there and left your car.
  • Use social media or radio to update information about emergencies
  • Try at least your gas tank half full
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