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This makes me laugh! It’s great to see people trying to help themselves by building backlinks to their websites, but when it comes to Blog Comment Backlinks.  I think a little more effort is require. Now the term ‘content is king’ doesn’t really feature in the comment posts that I get every day and if you want to succeed in getting your blog comment approve. even if the whole purpose of it is to gain a backlink, then for the love of god write something worthwhile, informative or humorous, please.

Here’s some comments submit to my blog recently, luckily they were caught by Askimet and didn’t slip through the net. I realize some of these are submit by bots and those ones are particularly obvious but for those ones added by a human – put some effort in!

Benifits of Blog Comment Backlinks

“I respect your honesty and your opinion. I’m a man. I never read comic books. I don’t know if i could have point to Iron Man in a lineup of comic book characters. And i don’t particularly like movies based on comic books. BUT I love Robert Downey Jr, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jeff Bridges, so i decide to give the movie a chance.“

I’m glad this user respects my honesty and opinion. I’m also thankful he made clear his gender too, very useful! But can anyone tell me why he’s telling me about his favourite actors?! Who’s next?

Blog Comment Backlinks

“Promote and submit your site and enjoy many totally free services and items at 12 Tap search Com unlimited free sites -see all at

Askimet I love you!

Oh dear, zero points for effort, hundred points for cheekiness. Was this person dropped on their head at birth? I think so… How about this one:

“Thanks for the informative post..and thanks for adding our comment to the blog.“Tips for good social media Marketing

Very generic, very obvious, very unadventurous. Where is the effort? If you are a Blog Comment Backlinks owner then you’ll know just how annoying comments like these are…

“well guess this post is a bit old and things have changed since then.but thanks for informing me.“What is blog

Generic crap talking

They’re just hoping that their generic crap talking will fit into the context of the post that the commenter has not read. I know spam is nothing new but why post comments like this that will never make the grade when a little more effort and thought would get you accepted and a backlink gained? It’s beyond me!Tips for good social media Marketing

I could go on and on adding examples but it’s boring. I just want to highlight the kind of crap people are putting out to try and gain backlinks, in fact I don’t believe it is humans doing this anymore, I think someone has hire Blog Comment Backlinks a team of Orangutans to do it for them judging by the quality of them. If those comments are a reflection on the people posting them then no wonder so many people complain that IM is too difficult and they don’t get anywhere! If you’re gonna do it, do it properly…


6 Free Tools To Monitor Backlinks To Your Site

Getting backlinks to your site is the life and blood of your websites success, as you probably already know too well! Backlinks are considered the single most important aspect of your websites promotion so backlink campaigns should be at the top of your to do list.

Of course using social media websites are a great place to obtain backlinks and I have talk about this in other posts, but here I just want to point you to some useful sites that make it easy to keep track of just where you have request or add links in the past. This is especially useful if you have numerous websites and blogs. Most of the tools below will show you the number of backlinks to a domain, the anchor text associate  with the link and sometimes the page rank of the page the link is on along with other info.

Check them out!

  1. Backlink Watch
  2. Domain Pop
  3. iWeb Tools
  4. Check Backlink
  5. Search Engine Genie
  6. SEO Logs