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There are many verities of saree ladies use to wore but on the top of the list if we say light- weighted and in rich look is chanderi silk saree. The wave of chanderi saree begin in the 7th century. However, in the 13th century, the chanderi saree has taken its place. The fame of this chanderi saree has reached to peak in the Mughal era and they receive royal patronage.

India is the origin of beautiful and unique design fabric saree. If you want to know more about saree. And want to explore more interesting styles and unique designs of saree. So first talk about what is saree and from when it begins and we also discuss that traditional saree that mostly every woman has in her wardrobe.

The saree is a traditional garment of women that belongs to the Indian Sub-continent. The saree is consists of a long piece of cloth with a measurement of seven yards. Saree means “strip of fabric”. Nowadays the influence of western culture and their dressing is so vast in people. But today Saree comprises 30% of the fashion industry. Saree is something that makes women different she looks charming, stunning, and very stylish. Over the years, the saree has become a fashion statement. Nowadays, most designers celebrate the feel and look of the traditional dress

Traditional sarees

Let’s have a look at some traditional saree that is most common in women and they even make space in her wardrobe.

best chanderi saree

Banarasi saree

Banarasisarees, as they define by his name its origin is in Banaras State. For centuries, Indian women have considered the saree to be the best and most desirable garment. This saree is famous for its fabric and golden, silver brocade and embroidery work on it.

Banarasisarees have a Mughal-inspired design and feature full borders and metallic effects. The bride should wear this saree. It will take 15-20 days to create or depending on the work on it.

best chanderi saree

Banarasisarees wear a fury during the 70s and 80s when all actresses of that time wore them for on and off-screen occurrences. Banarasisarees are known for their incredible weaving and zari work. By the fact confirm that the BanarsaiSarees are always the be in demand and it never loses its appeal in public

Baluchari Saree

The saree was first designed in West Bengal and was mostly worn by Indian women. It will take more than a week to create. The unique design of this saree is predominately from Murshidabad.

In the 18th century the Nawab of the Bengal “Murshidabad Khan”, patronized the waving tradition and also encourage the flourishing of the industry. The industry started gets a failure during the British government rule. Later, a very renowned artist Subho Thakur resurrected this craft and bring back to its previous glory.

best chanderi saree

Balucharis represent adherence to quality, the owner’s pride, and status symbol. This beautiful saree takes about 5-6 days to complete.

Patola Saree

Patola is one of the most popular sarees of Indian tradition.  The patolasaree tracked back to the Gujarati family ”SOLANKI” where we found the Gujarati tradition, emotion, variety of designs. Just because of its knitting technique, it has no rear side and both sides look equally bright and brilliant.

best chendri saree

The different designs and quality made this saree stunning, this is very durable, gorgeous, and has the funniest look among all sarees. Traditionally, this saree was made of pure silk but now chemical dyes are most commonly used for coloring purposes

Tussar saree

Among many varieties it is also spell like “TUSAR”. It’s also known as “KOSA SILK”. Tusser is famous in domestic women with its unique design and gold pattern that make the saree completely differ from others.

Tussarsaree is having a rich demand in Jharkhand and the Bhagalpur district of Bihar. A tussarsaree is made from silk fabric and is not very durable, but is not designed for rough use, which is why it is so popular with common women. This saree brings an annual trade of Rs 100 crores to the industry


Chanderi is a small town in Madhya Pradesh. This saree was famous for its hand-woven texture and perfect zari work. Women wear chanderisarees most often. In the 11th century, we found traces of chanderisaree. That town is known for looms, each artisan has about 2-4 looms within or outhouse.

best chendri saree

The artisan’s stills use the old trick and techniques that is wooden looms which make the process more traditional and different from another textile.  Chanderisarees looks can’t be found anywhere else.


If you people want to know more about chanderisaree and explore some interesting and unique facts of this saree lets discuss it below

Importance in Sub-Continent

During the Mughal era, the Chanderisaree fabric was the favorite among Royal Women. This saree is known for being airy, transparent, and lightweight that making saree wearing more comfortable during Heat conditions.

The original chanderisaree was so embroidered with silver and golden string and zari work to give it a rich appearance. The famous Mughal ruler Aurangzeb mostly prefer chanderi cloths to weave, a ritual shawl used to honor people.

An occasion for Chanderi saree

On the basis of the fabric, chanderisaree is suitable for both casual and ceremonies-based functions. Chanderisarees, which give an elegant look as well as offer comfort, can also be used for daily workwear. For occasions like weddings, parties, or any other important event you can pick a regal look saree of silk fabric for a shimmering effect.

Features of Chanderi saree

These chansderisaree were always been the royal favorite, here are some characteristics of this saree:

  • The fiber is exceptionally light weight and transparent.
  • The golden and silver zari work makes it look different and elegant
  • They are quite airy and suitable for the hot weather of Asia.
  • Silk, cotton, and cotton silk are the fabric in which users can buy of their choice.
  • Chanderisaree is best for occasional and every day wear it depends upon the artwork on the saree


Perfect for All women

Chanderisaree is suitable for both working leady and a housewife. It doesn’t matter that you are slim or heavy you can wear a saree. But Chanderisaree will always complement your beauty and make you look great. The extremely soft fabric of saree will give you a comfortable fit. Choosing the design pattern that suits you the best will evaluate your beauty.

6 stunning sarees for handloom lover

  • Black chanderisaree
  • ChanderiPattuSarees
  • ChanderiBanarasiSaree
  • Silk Cotton ChanderiSaree
  • Printed Chanderisaree
  • ChanderiKalamkariSaree

If you are a lover of chanderisaree, no doubt you will love these sarees. They are gorgeous and make anyone look beautiful. However, this hurt that due to the artificial fabric this old-age art slowly getting disappearing. This may be light on the pocket but not have that charm. So what are you waiting for select your saree now?

How to identify pure chanderi saree

So women historically have worn the saree as their favorite. But it’s a little difficult for most people to identify fake sarees. Here are some tips that you to select the original saree.

  • Pure saree always have a nice metallic shine, due to the silver, golden work.
  • Chandrisaree came with golden, silver, and copper zari weaves

Pure saree has a soft and transparent sheer fabric. Which is a unique thing


Chanderi saree are the best so the one can fell in love with it. 90% of the total production is consumed in the country, while 10% exported. Accordingly, the demand for the modern Chanderi designs has gradually waned among the most exclusive